Carpentry Work





Meet Ray

Ray has been homeless and living in the streets of New York City on and off for about 3 yrs. now.  He used to work in construction and lost his job due to some injury that he sustained at work.   Ray is very skilled with carpentry work, mostly with cabinets, closets, doors and windows.  Ray mentioned that he had a really bad experience with homeless shelters (all his stuff got stolen) therefore, he prefers to live by his own in the streets.  You can find Ray usually in Midtown at around 43 rd and 8th Ave.




Meet Matt

Matt has been recently homeless for just about a yr. now.  He lost his fiancee and this put him in such a deep depression.  He used to a professional electrician before he became homeless.  Matt said that he can be of some help if you have any wiring or circuit issues in your house.  Just like Ray, Matt also had a bad experienced with the Homeless Shelter and prefers to not be in one.  Matt is trying his best to get his life back together and hopefully get a job in order to be able to sustain himself.



Meet Bruce

Bruce has been homeless not too long ago and has recently moved from Philadelphia to New York.   Bruce also used to work in construction before he got laid off.  He said it quite tough living in the streets especially in winter time here in the east coast.  He is hoping to do some work in order to save some money so that he can hopefully go back to Philadelphia.





Meet Rick

Rick has been homeless for a long time now.  Rick said he is a veteran from the army and that he was proud to serve his country.   Rick said he has not been in the work force for a long while.  When asked about staying in the shelter, he mentioned that their are plenty of negative and bad influence in the shelter and that he would rather be out in the streets.   Rick said that he has plenty of skills that includes labor work such as fixing and building things.  Rick is very open to any suggestions or opportunities that people can give him.