Hair and Cosmetics





Meet Nikki

Nikki went and graduated from a Cosmetology school.  Nikki has plenty of experiences with hair & makeup and really enjoys doing it.  Nikki has also previously worked a bartender.  Nikki mentioned that she would not mind doing hair and makeup for someone if they are willing to give her a chance.  You can usually find Nikki at Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th Ave.)




Meet Alice


Alice has been homeless for about 3 yrs. now.  She used to be married with 3 children but do very unfortunate circumstances she no longer has any custody of her children.  She has plenty of experience in the Hospitality Industry and was a waitress and also a bartender before.  Alice said that she is very open to any opportunities and has some skills in regards to hair and makeup that she would want to offer to the world.