House Painting




Meet Shane

Meet Shane.  Shane has been homeless just very recently.  Shane has worked as a “jack of all trade.”   Shane has previously painted a Motel and is very proud to tell you his story.  Shane said that he is very skilled with both residential (houses) and commercial painting.  Shane has also done plenty of landscaping job all across New York City in order to make some money.




Meet Paris

Paris has been homeless just very recently.  He was a worker in a factory before he was terminated from his job.  He said that he cannot wait to get the opportunity to work again.  He said he is you and healthy and is open and willing to do work that is available.  I asked him if he has any other skills such as carpentry that can be useful, he mentioned that he is willing to do painting or landscaping jobs that others would like to offer to him.  He said that he is always open for any ideas or suggestions.