The Creative Homeless Project

The lowest and the bottom of our society are the homeless population.  There has been plenty of programs that help maintain the standards of the middle class and a welfare system that helps those that are impoverished.  But the people with no voice, which are the homeless are left with nothing.

I think it is the responsibility of each of us to help and reach out to our fellow Americans.  New York City which is home to the richest people in our society, also has the most homeless population out of any city in America today.  New York city is pretty much the homeless capital of America.  I believe that something has to be done and I chose to be proactive and hopefully spread the word about homelessness.

Financial District, NYC





Self-reliance is a mindset, an approach to life that can be adopted whether you live in a wilderness cabin or in a sprawling city.  Self-reliance is about living a life in which you make decisions and opinions with primary respect to your own experience of the world and the ability to self-sustain by relying on oneself.

When people see homeless or people living in or under the poverty line, they usually question their character and the person’s ability to have self reliance.  We are usually biased and prejudice by automatically judging and calling the person lazy.  The truth is that there are various unfortunate circumstances that plays a role in a person’s homeless situation.  I strongly believe that by encouraging and empowering them to use their skills and creativity in order to help self sustain their daily needs… this is the best and the most pragmatic way to fix the problem.